Thursday, May 7, 2009

Veggie Sauce

This isn't the most original, but seeing as I'm sure my son would eat a stick if he had spaghetti sauce for it, we figured it was a good way to get him to eat veggies. We also did this since we cut out ketchup (even organic) since they're all loooooaaaaaded with sugar.
Veggie Sauce is a sneaky, easy way to get your picky eater to get veggies.
Take 1/2 c of an organic spaghetti or marinara sauce, and add to that one container (I use the Stage 2 size) of organic baby food- squash, carrots, sweet peas, ect.
Be warned that the greens turn the sauce a lil brownish, so if your child notices things like this, use a little less greens or a lil more spaghetti sauce to make it more red.
If you're just starting on the gfcf diet and are trying to sneak in veggies, start with a smaller amount (Stage 1) of baby food, or even less than that and work your way up.

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