Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it morning already?

Buenos dias! While this morning I was craving a breafast taquito laden with chorrizo, eggs, potatos, cheese, pico de gallo and some bacon, I was still half asleep from Hudson waking me up at 3am (say it with me, teething esta el sucko), I was too tired to make a brand-spaking new breakfast, so it was leftover special. Heated up about 1/2tsp coconut oil in a small skillet, dumped in some spaghetti squash, sprinkled on some cinnamon, toss to coat, and re-heated it.
Quincy tore into it, I had to add a sprinkle of organic brown sugar to mine.
I have no clue what's up for lunch, probably lamburgers (which I HATE making because I can't stand the way lamb smells) with some wild rice on the side.
Going to the HFS (health food store) to get some teff flour today to see about making teff pancakes for dinner (using this idea from Tori-
I'd link to her, but I'm not good at html and linking (still new to all this, I may have to enlist Bill or Barry for help).

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  1. I just sat back and re-read this, and you can tell I'm not fully functioning yet. Gotta get gas and some coffee before I head to De Ridder.